Tile vs Marble – When to Splurge on your Flooring

Tile vs Marble – When to Splurge on your Flooring

Difference between Tile and Marble –

What are the various kinds of tiles? There are many varieties of tiles with many sub-categories but broadly there are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles, and vitrified tiles. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made up of clay, sand, and water and are baked at high temperatures. Porcelain tiles are more durable and typically costlier than ceramic tiles. Mosaic tiles are usually made up of a mixture of various sorts of tiles to make an ornamental pattern. you’ll have mosaic tiles that are made up of ceramic, glass, or maybe vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles are almost like ceramic tiles but are stronger and fewer porous than ceramic and are a standard choice of interior designers.

What is Marble?

Marble is a present rock. it’s available in a very range of colors within which the variations are limitless. Unlike tiles, marble is out there in slabs.

What are the advantages of Using Tiles?

Tiles are usually less expensive than marbles though this is often not always the case. you furthermore may have premium high-priced tiles and budget-grade marbles which can be cheaper than a number of these premium tiles. Tiles are usually easier to get than marble and therefore the laying cost is additionally less. Tiles also are usually stronger and less brittle than marble, which makes them more durable and less vulnerable to staining. After laying, marble usually must be polished again for an exemplary finish, while a tile can’t be polished. The laying and grouting of the tile are that the last step within the process. Tiles being hardy and fewer porous and straightforward to get, bring good flooring choices, particularly in high traffic areas. they’re also alright suited to kitchen counter backdrops where stain resistance is a crucial quality to think about. When trying to find a durable and cost-effective option, tiles remain the foremost popular choice of the simplest interior designers in Bangladesh.

What are the advantages of using Marble?

Marble is rich and premium-looking material. When achieving a luxury look is what you’re after, marble is that the ideal choice of fabric. this is often why it’s a top favorite amongst the simplest interior designers in Dhaka. Another advantage of using marble is that it is often filled and re-surfaced and re-polished every few years. this will keep your floor/wall surfaces looking rich and new. Marble is out there in large sheets just in case the designer’s intent is to attenuate the tiling joints.

Cost Difference Between the 2 Materials

Marble is typically considered to be a more premium material and intrinsically is usually more costly. As against a tile, which is manufactured during a factory, a marble slab starts its journey during a marble mine from where an outsized section of the rock is removed then shipped to a different location where it’s cut, sealed, and polished. This process is considerably more resource-intensive than tile manufacturing. Also, marble being a natural material, its supply is going to be limited. More of an equivalent marble can’t be manufactured.

When to Use Marble and When to Use Tile

When you have an extravagant budget, marble is that the most beautiful and stylish option and this is often why it’s the selection of the simplest interior designers. If a luxury look is what you’re after but marble is that the right choice for you. When budgets are constrained it is sensible to choose tiles and make sure that a sufficient budget remains for other interior materials and finishes. Tiles are an honest thanks to balancing a budget. there’s a good range of tiles, in several finishes and different price ranges. this enables you to urge the design that you simply want and still remain within budget. There are some instances where it simply makes practical sense to choose tiles, like during a kitchen. this may provide a more durable surface that’s easier to take care of and fewer vulnerable to staining.